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Check your check and card stock!

The first big day of IRS funding is coming soon, make sure you are prepared.  Let Live Help know if you need more checks or cards today!  Thanks

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Check your rejected returns

We have a lot of rejected returns in the system.  Make sure you check the status of all your returns and fix the rejected ones and get them accepted!!

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Submit 50 Contest Winners!

Harlingen Store 8 wins for  the second consecutive year with over 100 returns!!  We had 13 other stores qualify with at least 50 returns in by February 1st and the two winners drawn out of the hat are….Store 235 in Miami Ok. and Store 139 in Park Hills Mo.  Congratulations, David will be contacting you to give you your prizes!

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Uncle Sam!

Very cool!

Very cool!

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Great job in Mattoon!

Making things happen in Mattoon!

Making things happen in Mattoon!

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Next week!

Next week is make or break to hit your goals!  Make sure you have all appointments and tax interviews set up to get completed next Monday the 30th till next Friday Feb. 3rd.  These should be the biggest days!  Let us know how we can help!  Thanks!

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IRS Open today!

The IRS is now open! Acknowledgements (accepted or rejected) may be unpredictable in the first few days of the season, due to the high volume of returns being processed.

Call your customers and tell them to bring in their W-2’s today!  The sooner they file the sooner you can get them their refund!

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We are starting to see some returns IRS accepted and some Advance checks being approved while the IRS is testing their systems to get ready for the 23rd…..get those returns in today!!!  The sooner you get them in the sooner they’ll get their refund!

REMEMBER the first official day the IRS accepts returns is January 23rd, however the IRS asks us to send in returns early so they can test their systems…’s not guaranteed but you may get lucky and get one approved today!

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We are getting completed tax returns in, these will be the first returns to get their refunds!  Don’t delay, call your tax customers and get them in your office as soon as they have their W-2’s!!  Don’t let them go somewhere else!

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The 2016 tax year software is now available!  You can now start and complete new tax returns and transmit them to Accurate Tax Solutions when they are ready. Remember, we hold these tax returns until the first day of filing which is January 23rd however the first returns sent to us will be the first ones to get their refunds!  SO get those returns in NOW!!

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